New Styles of Middle Eastern Thobes and Clothing

You can browse some of the styles of dishdashas and thobes from the Arabic countries below.

Different Dishdasha Styles

A short sleeved thobe and dishdasha that you can wear at home and outside. The embroidery around the neck area gives it an appealing look and makes it a nice style to wear. You can find others in similar styles.

men islamic clothing

This dishdasha is similar to the one above with a different flair and style.


Arabic Clothing Men

Another one similar to the above dishdasha. However, such elaborate styles are not worn publicly in certain Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi-Arabia. They prefer more of a plain look thobes and dishdashas.


Islamic Clothing men

This disdasha has a unique style in that it doesn’t have the embroidery like the above diishdashas but make it a nice style.


Muslim Men Clothing

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