Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia – History, Culture, Pictures, and Things to do

Riyadh is not only Saudi-Arabia’s largest and capital city, it is also┬áthe largest city of the Middle East and Gulf countries. One can find plenty of history, culture, and other things to do in this large city. Below are some of the sites that you can visit while you are in Riyadh.

The Annual Janadriyah Cultural Festival

The Annual Janadriyah Cultural Festival of Saudi-Arabia
The Annual Janadriyah Cultural Festival of Saudi-Arabia

Get more details on the Janadriyah Festival here

Riyadh Skyline

Kingdom tower
With many tall buildings, Riyadh has a very impressive skyline
Riyadh’s Impressive Skyline
Riyadh Skyline
Riyadh Skyline

King Khaled Building

Unique architecture of King Khaled Building – Built in the early 1980s

Riyadh’s Old Water Tower

Riyadh’s Old Water Tower built in the 1960s
Riyadh’s Old Water Tower

Riyadh TV Tower

Riyadh TV Tower built in the 1980s

Kingdom Tower

Kingdom Tower was built in the 1990s and is the second largest tower in the Middle East after Burj Al-Khalifa

King Abdullah Financial District

King Abdullah Financial District

Edge of the World

Edge of the World – Located in the outskirts of Riyadh in the middle of the desert


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