Janadriyah Cultural Festival – Riyadh Saudi-Arabia

Janadriyah Festival is an annual festival held on the outskirts of Saudi-Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh in the town of Janadriyah. The festival showcases the culture of Saudi-Arabia since it was founded in the early 20th century by its founder Kind Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud.

The following pictures depict the various facets of the Saudi culture.

These tools represent the Saudi farmer .

janadriya festival riyadh saudi-arabia tools
Janadriya festival Riyadh Saudi-Arabia

The following jars and pots were used to store clean water for drinking and cooking.

Early Saudi-Arabia – Pots and Pans for drinking water

The following pictures shows the many postage stamps that the Saudis have had in circulation for the past century.

The many stamps put in circulation through Saudi history

An old Quran from the year 1051 A.H. that corresponds approximately to the early 1630 AD.

Old copy of a Mushaf Quran in circulation throughout the Arabian Peninsula. Dates to 1051 AH

Another old Quran that was printed around 1780 AD.

Another old Mushaf Quran from the year 1198 AH. Arabian Peninsula

The following picture shows the weaponry that the early Saudis carried and used during the early to mid twentieth century.

Common weaponry in the Arabian Peninsula during the early to mid twentieth century. Swords, pistols, and daggers.

More weaponry samples.

More weaponry from the Arabian Peninsula used during the early to mid twentieth century. Swords, pistols, and daggers.

This picture shows the weaponry as well as the tea and coffee pots that are traditional in the Saudi culture.

Mix of weaponry and cooking utensils

Islamic calligraphy with the name “Muhammad” carved in stone. The name symbolizes Prophet Muhammad.

Islamic calligraphy stating “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Peace be upon him”

Traditional Saudi Tea pot with small serving cups.

Saudi tea pot

The picture below shows the traditional tea pot in red (on the left) and a traditional coffee pot in gold / silver color on the right. The small cups are usually used to serve Arabic coffee.

Saudi coffee and tea pots

The following shows the various currency denominations that Saudis have had in circulation for the past century.

Saudi currency denominations
old Saudi currency. Various denominations

More Saudi currency below.

Saudi currency denominations
old Saudi currency. Various denominations

Below are the traditional pots that were used for eating and drinking.


More food utensils used in the early to mid twentieth century. These designs are still prevalent today and have come to represent the Saudi culture.

Old Saudi Pots and Pans

In the festival ground of Janadriyah, structures are built to mimic the forts, houses and other buildings of the early Saudi era and culture. The following is a replica of the actual fort that the founder of Saudi-Arabia conquered before he founded Saudi-Arabia.

Saudi fort replica erected for the festival in Janadriyah

The black tent below symbolizes the traditional dwelling places that Saudis used when they lived in the deserts of Arabia throughout the Arabian peninsula.

Saudi tents used in the desert

Below, visitors to the Janadriyah festival take a break to offer the evening Muslim prayers.

Visitors and artists praying during a break in the Janadriyah Festival

Visitors are shopping for various Saudi cultural artifacts. In the background, the traditional Saudi pots are visible.

Visitors shopping in the Janadriyah Festival

Below is another picture of the fort during the early days of founding of Saudi-Arabia.

Large number of visitors during the Janadriyah Festival

The pictures below show the early and present days of the Saudia Airlines and the planes it used to have in service. The first plane was a DC-3.

Old Saudi Plane
New models Saudi Plane

The founder of Saudi-Arabia, King Abdul Aziz takes the first plane ride on Saudia’s first airplane.

King Abdul-Aziz during his first flight on the first Saudia plane

Women visitors in the foreground can be seen in their traditional Abaya dresses shopping for various cultural artifacts.

Visitors shopping during the Janadriyah Festival

A mill used in the earlier days operated by a camel.

Camel used to run the mill for grinding sesame seeds


The exhibits below showcase the city of Jazan, which is located near the south west border of Saudi-Arabia bordering Yemen and the Red Sea.

Jazan Saudi Arabia
Boating is quote in Jazan

A cultural folk dance from the area of Jazan in the south west of Saudi-Arabia.

Jazan folk dance in Saudi-Arabia

janadriya-festival-riyadh-saudi-arabia-16 janadriya-festival-riyadh-saudi-arabia-15

Artifacts from a traditional Saudi sitting for guests. The round mat is used to serve food. People would normally sit around a large plate and share the food that is served on that large plate.

Saudi traditional sitting

The following show the coins that were used during the early years of Saudi-Arabia. These coins were continuing from the Ottoman period.

Currency and coins from the Ottoman Empire
Currency and coins from the Ottoman Empire

janadriya-festival-riyadh-saudi-arabia-10 janadriya-festival-riyadh-saudi-arabia-09

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