Date as a food consumption in the Middle East and Saudi-Arabia

Dates Middle East Eat Saudi Arabia

Dates are one of the primary staple foods of many Middle Eastern countries. Each household almost always carries dates and they are almost always served to the guests of the house along with Arabic coffee. Countries such as Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and other Arabian Gulf countries are heavy consumers of dates. Dates are grown extensively n Saudi-Arabia in the areas of Qassim and Madinah.

Saudi Dates Season

In Saudi-Arabia, the date season starts in July when the dates ripen on the trees. It’s normal to see markets get flooded with all types of dates. Merchants from all small towns where dates are grown flock to the main cities to sell their crops. The below pictures provide a sense of the date season in Saudi-Arabia.

Saudi Dates from Al-Qassim region. Also called Sukkary Dates
Saudi Dates from Al-Qassim region. Also called Sukkary Dates
Saudi dates selling in markets
Saudi dates selling in markets
Saudi traders and merchants selling dates in the dates season
Saudi market selling dates
Saudi market with various stalls selling dates

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